Twelve Burglaries Reported From Victims Leaving Bank with Cash

Bank Customers Urged to Take Extra PrecautionTwelve Burglaries Reported From Victims Leaving Bank with Cash

Post Date:10/25/2017 10:00 AM

To date 12 vehicle burglary reports involving victims who are followed after making large cash withdrawals from the bank and to their destinations have been reported to Chino Police. Chino PD has taken reports for victims who made their withdrawals from several local banks in Chino. Law Enforcement agencies across Southern California are experiencing the same crime trend.

Detectives have identified common factors leading them to believe the cases may be related. In each of the reported cases, the victim withdrawals a large amount of cash from the bank, drives to their destination, then leaves the cash stored in the vehicle. Shortly thereafter the unknown suspect(s) breaks into the vehicle and steals the cash. One victim reported seeing a suspicious vehicle following them from the bank. Detectives believe the suspect(s) are conducting surveillance at the banks specifically looking for customers who either walk away from tellers or the bank with large sums of cash exposed.

Bank customers are encouraged to follow the below safety tips while conducting transactions at banks:

Be aware of your surroundings – Pay attention to who and what is around you inside and around the bank. Don’t get distracted and maintain safe personal space between you and others.

Bring a buddy – There is safety in numbers and it helps to have a second set of eyes to help observe any suspicious activity.

Conceal the cash – DO NOT walk around or away from a bank with large sums of cash in hand, whether visible or not…we all know what’s in those bulging envelopes and bank bags.

Properly store and secure the cash – Never leave cash unattended (even in your vehicle) or unsecured in your home. Take large sums of cash to your destination immediately and secure it in a safe location – such as a locked safe.

Report suspicious activity to the police – If you believe someone may be following you or you observe any other suspicious behavior, report it to the local Police Department immediately.

If you have any information related to this crime series, please contact Sergeant Tomicic at 909.334.3115 or

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