Loaded Gun At Chino Junior High

Photo courtesy: Google Images

By Marissa Mitchell

Chino – A loaded gun was found inside a student’s backpack this week at Chino Cal Aero Preserve Academy, frightening students, staff, and parents.

As soon as the gun was spotted, school officials jumped into action. The discovery left families quite worried. In fact, the families were not notified right away. This loaded gun – and how the situation was not told to families as soon as it was discovered – has family members worried.

“Everything should have been done with quicker action,” a student’s older sibling stated. “I would have wanted to know right away.”

School officials said that they waited even after discovering the loaded gun because it was important to have all the information confirmed first.

Lt. Kevin Mensen from Chino Police Department stated, “The magazine or clip was loaded with bullets or ammunition […] We believe he brought it as a threat, with no intent to use it there.”

Officers arrested the student, who then said he bought it because he was bullied. After bringing the gun to school, the student showed the 22 to another student, who sounded the alarm.  The magazine or clip was loaded with bullets or ammunition, but there was not a bullet or round in the chamber.

Many parents are more concerned with the student’s guardians for allowing this incident to occur. A parent of another student declared, “I believe it is pure negligence and needs to be looked into.”

After the discovery of the gun, the father of the guilty student was cited for not keeping his gun in a safe spot inside his home, away from children.

The student found with the gun was suspended, and he may face expulsion.

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