A Different Perspective

By Mark Hopper


Recently, my wife and I had the opportunity to travel to Niagara Falls near Buffalo, New York.  We had never been there before and it was something we had talked about doing for a long time. The Niagara Falls were amazing!

We actually visited the Falls three different times on our trip. On our first visit, we drove over the bridge to the Canadian side. The sky was overcast and gray. The heavy mist churned up by the power of the falls obscured most of our view. We did walk down several tunnels that provided a limited view from behind the falls.

In addition, we took the Horn Blower boat that goes upriver to the base of the Falls. They issue every passenger a plastic poncho because of the spray; mist and wind that is generated by the powerful falling water.  We did get wet – very wet.  But it was fun to see the water falls from a different perspective.

We also took time to have lunch at a nice restaurant overlooking the falls.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch that also provided a different perspective on the size and power of Niagara Falls.  The volume of water and the height and shape of the Falls are hard to describe.

Later that day, we went back to see the Niagara Falls again after dark. They illuminate the towering waterfalls with powerful lights at night.  The colors change every few minutes.  The lights actually penetrate the mist and provide a clearer perspective of the expanse of the falls. Niagara Falls are in the shape of a horseshoe – almost 180 degrees from the American side to the Canadian side.

We were glad that we ventured out after dark to visit the park and the walking area along the American side of the Falls. The evening was cool but not uncomfortable and it was nice to see the Falls at night.

We planned to leave early the next morning.  But, when we woke up, we were surprised to see that the gray sky was gone and the sun was shining brightly!  We agreed that we should drive back to the Canadian side and get a better look at the magnificent waterfalls.  We were not disappointed.  The view was much better.  The mist and spray was more limited and we could clearly see the full expanse of these mighty waterfalls.

Did I mention that our return visit also allowed my wife to return and exchange a souvenir T-shirt that she had purchased the previous day?  We were glad we went back and saw the water falls again.

I suppose visiting something like the Niagara Falls is like visiting an art museum.  The more you look, the more you notice.  Just like an artistic master piece, these powerful waterfalls are difficult to describe and fully appreciate. Viewing them from different perspectives allows you to appreciate their beauty and majesty more and more.

Sometimes we need to look at things from a different perspective.  One look is not enough.  Sometimes we need to take a second or third look to get a clearer understanding of a person or a problem.  Let me encourage you to take another look.  We were glad we did and you will too!

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