Twelve Burglaries Reported From Victims Followed From The Bank

By Marissa Mitchell

Chino – There has been a total of twelve (12) burglary reports involving Chino-based bank customers to date. These victims were followed after making large cash withdrawals to their specific destinations, and were thereafter robbed of those withdrawals.

Chino Police Department has taken reports from the victims, all of whom withdrew from several local Chino banks.  This is not just a citywide trend, but one that crosses Southern California.

With the help of detectives, common factors of these crimes have been identified. In all of the reported cases, victims had withdrawn a large amount of cash from the bank, driven to their respective destinations, and then left the cash stored in their vehicles. At this point, an unknown suspect(s) broke into the vehicle and stolen the cash. In one report, a victim stated seeing a “suspicious vehicle” following him or her from the bank.

It is believed that the suspect(s) is conducting surveillance of the banks in order to find customers who either walk away from tellers or banks with visibly exposed, large amounts of cash.

In order to conduct bank transactions safely, customers are encouraged to follow the following safety tips:

  • Be aware of the surroundings: paying attention to what and who surrounds you as a customer both inside and outside of the bank.
  • Try not to get distracted and maintain a safe personal space between you and other customers or people surrounding you both inside and outside of the bank: keeping cell phone use to a minimum and looking around.
  • Bring someone else: having a friend or family member come with is a great way to fend off potential suspects.
  • Conceal your cash: not walking away from a bank with exposed amounts of cash, or bulging envelopes that indicate cash.
  • Properly store and secure the cash: never leaving cash unattended, even inside a vehicle or unsecured in your home; being sure to store your cash in a safe location (such as a locked safe).
  • Report suspicious activity immediately to the police: informing local government if you believe you have or are being followed or watched.

Should you have any information related to this story, please contact Sergean Tomicic  at 909-334-3115, or



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