99 Cent Store Construction Halted

By Anthony Saude

Eastvale – Construction of the 99 cent store on the northwest corner of Hamner Avenue at “A” street has come to a screeching halt several months ago.

Eric Norris, the Planning Director for the City of Eastvale said, “Now that their structure is partially constructed, they need to have a water system installed onsite so that the Fire Department could put out a fire if one were to occur. The problem is, there isn’t an onsite water system installed (so, no fire hydrants). “Someone at 99-Cent forgot to have those plans checked by the Fire Department, so they are going through that process”.

Several months ago a stop work order was filed by Tim Steeson says Fire Marshall, Sandie Hastings. The retailer had begun combustible construction on site without any on site fire hydrants, said the Fire Marshall. They are supposed to be installing the underground utilities soon, when that happens they will be able to continue the construction with the combustible materials.

The plans still need to be approved and the water system installed with the fire hydrants, then and only then will they be allowed to re-start the construction. Residents may notice that there is framing and wood on site but that has been there since before the stop work order was issued.

This project has been met with mixed emotions by the residents of Eastvale, some may have hoped that maybe they decided to pull out but that just isn’t the case.

It would be interesting to know how much money the retailer is losing on a daily basis for a mistake of this magnitude, which was unavailable at Press time. This is just another instance of the City of Eastvale doing their due diligence and the retailer is making a costly mistake by not checking plans with the Fire Marshall. Whether you disagree with the construction or not of this retailer the management of the City of Eastvale was once again on point.