Free Youth In Government Event

By Anthony Saude

Diamond Bar – The City of Diamond Bar is having a FREE event for youth ages 14 – 18 on Saturday December 2, at Diamond Bar City Hall, 21810 Copley Drive, Diamond Bar CA 91765, from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Registration is required for this free event.

The event will give Diamond Bar middle and high school students a chance to see behind the scenes of local and state government from the eyes of an actual elected official.

What are the requirements to become and elected or state official? What does it take day in and day out to perform the job at the level it requires to do it competently? This event will begin to answer those questions and more. Diamond Bar youth will have the unique opportunity to learn from elected officials what it looks like if and when they decide to get into local or state politics.

This is the first year that the city of Diamond Bar will have this FREE event available as they look forward to the future of the youth in our city. The City sees it as a huge advantage for the residents of Diamond Bar as well.

Knowledge is power and the hope is that the youth become more interested in local or state government in the future. Think about it to have more qualified, educated and enthusiastic candidates running the local or state government is a win win situation for the city or state in the future.

Presentations, interactive exercises as well as lots of opportunities for questions and answers will be presented to the youth at this FREE event.

Participation in the event is FREE space is limited so registration is required so don’t delay get registered TODAY!! For more information or to register, contact the City’s Administration Department at 909.839.7013 or email