Dress For Success

By Mark Hopper

In a recent article, I shared about some of my experiences as a pastor when I visit people in hospitals. Thousands of people work in hospitals, Technicians, clerks, nurses, surgeons, security officers and janitors all work in hospitals.       Different employees wear different clothes and uniforms. The security people wear warm jackets. The doctor’s will usually wear lab coats. The custodial crew wears another kind of uniform. Nurses often wear bright, attractive medical outfits. The people in food service may wear hair nets and aprons if they handle food in the commissary or cafeteria.

I always enjoy speaking to the employees and volunteers at the information desk. Their help is invaluable when looking for a patient in a hospital.  The people at the front desk have access to the hospital data base and they can usually find the room number of a patient quickly.

There is one individual at the front desk of a large hospital in the area that stands out in my mind. Not only is he helpful and knowledgeable, but he is dressed for success! Unlike most of the people I meet at the info desk, this man is dressed up with a suit and tie.  He looks like he could be the CEO of the hospital, not one of the regular employees at the front door.

I don’t know his name, but he is both helpful and professional as he assists people walking through the front door. I have observed him helping patients who are checking-in to the hospital and he seems to put people at ease as he directs them to the hallway or elevator they are looking for.

His professional appearance gives you the sense that he knows what he is talking about and that the information he provides is accurate. He is the best dressed front desk hospital employee I know.

The Bible cautions us to not judge people by the clothes they wear.  James warned us to not show favoritism to people who wear fine clothes and warns us to not ignore those who are dressed poorly (James 2:1-9). There are times when my wife advises me on what shirt or tie I should or should not wear.  My friends and co-workers will tell you that I am challenged when it comes to fashion and style.

However, we should give attention to the way we dress for work. Teachers usually maintain a professional appearance. Coaches and PE teachers often wear shorts and dress more casually. But, one college coach told me that he never wears a pair of shorts to a meeting with his Dean. He always puts on a pair of long pants and a collared shirt when going to a meeting in the administration building.

Let me encourage you to dress for success. We live in a generation where casual is becoming more common.  Maybe you should consider dressing up a little more for work or take time to add a new shirt or blouse to your wardrobe. You will be glad you did and others will too!

Pastor Mark Hopper

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