City of Chino Partners with Waste Management

The City of Chino in partnership with Waste Management is proud to announce new commercial waste programs and service enhancements.
Effective as of January 1, 2018, Chino commercial customers will be billed by Waste Management directly, offering on point of contact for both customer service and billing. As part of the transition, residents will receive two bills for waste and recycling services in the month of January, which will cover trash service for December 2017. Customers will also receive a bill from Waste Management in Jamuary which will cover service for January 2018. This is the only time commercial customers will receive two bills in one month for trash services.
Moving forward, commercial customers will receive a monthly trash bill from Waste Management. If you have any questions regarding the transition, please feel free to contact the City’s Utility Billing Department at (909)334-3264. After the January billing transition, commercial trash service information will no longer appear on your City utility bill. Additionally, the City will no longer have access to your commercial billing statements and you will need to contact Waste Management directly at (800)423-9986, for bill inquiries and changes to your commercial service.
Pictures are examples of what your City of City of Chino bill will look like and what your NEW Waste Management bill will look like.
Chino Waste Management