Chino Council Rejects Appeal Fee

By Anthony Saude

Chino – Changes for some user fees for Chino residents in 2018, as a matter of fact one will be cut out all together. Residents will no longer have to pay a fee to appeal decisions made by the city’s staff and planning commission. The mayor voiced concerns about residents being financially burdened during the appeal process.

The City staff recommended a fee of $280 to help recover part of the cost of the paper work. It was reported that the city manager said that the fee was 5 to 10 percent of the total cost of $3899. These type of fees are not unusual for cities to have, It was reported that Chino Hills has fees that are roughly the same as the proposed fees.  However the Chino city council unanimously agreed to do away with the fee, so the residents will pay nothing to file those appeals.

There were some changes that were made at the December 19 council meeting that remained in place the appeal fee just wasn’t one of them. Most of the changes that were kept were small, only going up or down a few dollars; some of the increases could be substantial for the people doing development projects. It was reported that a staff analysis showed and the average small residential development project will have an overall increase of 2.05 percent to $393 in associated user fees. The average medium industrial project will increase by 1.83 percent to $578. Overall the impact of the changes was a 1.16 percent increase.

Many fees associtated with water usage actually decreased. Water meter upgrades or installation will cost less in 2018 and delinquent payment fees will stay the same unless there is evidence of valve tampering. If that is the case the fee went up to $401

There were a number of fines that went up, you can expect to pay $4 more than the previous $73 if police have to come out to a loud party. Truancy and curfew fees also we up from $45 in 2017 to $47. Of course new fees are always a part of the process. People looking to obtain certificates for temporary occupancy will pay a fee based on the size of the project. They will range from $674 to $1376.





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