Scout Gives Back to Elementary School

By Kelli Gile

DIAMOND BAR—On Tuesday, Evergreen Elementary students had a surprise on campus when they returned from the three-day holiday weekend.

An enormous 16’x27’ colorful map of the United States had been painted on the amphitheater stage.

Diamond Bar High senior Jarrett Dang, 17, a member of Boy Scout Troop #730, decided to give back to his alma mater by completing his Eagle Scout Project at the school.

The Eagle Project is an important step in obtaining the highest Boy Scout ranking.

Dang designed and carried out the community service project with the help of 33 fellow Boy Scouts, volunteers, friends, and parent leaders.

He thought the map would serve as a “good educational tool for teachers” on the campus.

“I hope my project will serve as a fun and interactive way for students to learn the geography of their country!” he said.

After weeks of preparation and fundraising, the teen went to Evergreen on Friday to prepare the area by scrubbing the cement with a degreaser.

The following day, the volunteer team carefully laid out and taped down eight large stencil pieces that outlined the map and borders of each state.

The group then carefully spray painted holes in each stencil that marked the state borders.

After lifting up the stencils, the scouts began connecting the dots to form the borders.

By the end of the day, they painted all 50 states according to the blue, yellow, red, and green color scheme.

“I decided to paint California green because Evergreen’s colors are green and white,” he shared.

He also added a white diamond shape where the Diamond Bar school is located.

On Sunday, the crew applied a second coat of paint and touched up the borders, while the adults spray-painted the state abbreviations.

The final step was adding “Boy Scout Troop 730 Eagle Project 2018” in the southwest corner of the artwork.

“The students love looking at Jarrett’s gift to the school,” said exclaimed Principal Trina Dreyer.

“We are grateful that he chose his elementary school as the place to complete his Eagle Scout project!”