Residents help save a Disabled 10 Year Old Boy Running in the Street

Residents help save a Disabled 10 Year Old Boy Running in the Street

On Sunday, January 21st, Walnut / Diamond Bar Station Deputies, Fabian and Skadsem, received a call for service of a “disabled 10yr old boy running in the street”. The informant, who is a Walnut resident, remained on the line with our 911 dispatcher while following the child in their vehicle. Prior to the deputies arriving, the child ran onto Amar Road, which is a highly traveled, four lane road with a 45 MPH speed limit. The informant positioned their vehicle behind the child in order to shield him from approaching vehicles. A second motorist, also a Walnut resident, saw what was occurring and also positioned their vehicle to protect the child. A short time later, the deputies arrived and were able to stop the child and get him out of the roadway. Additional deputy personnel canvassed the area and were able to locate the child’s residence. Shortly after, he was safely reunited with his mother.

Deputy Fabian, who is a 30yr veteran of the Sheriff’s Department, stated “he whole heartedly believes, if it weren’t for the actions of the two Walnut motorists, this incident would have resulted in a tragedy.”

The actions of two City of Walnut citizens, exemplify what it means to be a good citizen, looking out for others even at risk to themselves!

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