Resident Near Harrison, Chandler Warns of Possible Burglary Home “Scouting”

Shared from an Eastvale resident on Star Ruby near Harrison, Chandler, Walnut Grove

“My house was definitely being scouted yesterday. While I was in the shower, 3 cars pulled up to my house. 1 light gold dodge caravan with paper “STG” plates. Very heavy set M/B driver. 1 white newer Hyundai with F/B driver. 1 older maroon Toyota corolla/scion M/B driver. The heavy set black male rang my bell and knocked on my door several times, then proceeded to stand in my lawn afterwards. I think he kept knocking because he heard my kids in the house and thought someone would answer. I don’t know any of the people who arrived at my house, nor do I know their cars.

This happened between 4:50-5:10PM yesterday. If any of my neighbors on Star Ruby Ave between Walnut Grove and Harrison have street facing cameras, plz message me.

One of my neighbors caught footage of the minivan using his driveway to make a u-turn and that’s how we saw the ‘STG” paper plates. The white Hyundai had no front plate. They seen leaving Star Ruby Ave towards Harrison.

My husband called the non emergency line to file a report but they said they couldn’t take one because we didn’t have the plate numbers. The video footage file from my neighbor is too large to post so I included screenshots of the cars. Cross streets Star Ruby/Corona Valley