Be A Miracle

By Rohmon Merchant

If we are all being honest; extremely honest, it is easy to say that at some point, everyone needs a miracle. I know that I have (unspoken) and boy I pray so hard for one. Literally blood, sweat and tears praying, ugly crying, snot nose, can’t keep my breath, falling on my face, neighbors so worried they call the police type praying. In those times I feel God should take my urgency into consideration. I feel at that moment there is no more pressing matter than the one that I am bringing to the table. Not to down play it at any or level, but I am in dire straits at those moments. These are the times I feel like I can’t take anymore, that I am falling apart so completely that if He doesn’t show up, then I am completely finished. Have you ever been there? Have you ever found yourself at the mercy seat of God, uncharacteristically begging? After all that, we don’t want to seem like our faith is completely shattered so we try our best to look and think upon things that are pure and holy so that our faith doesn’t look totally annihilated. While at the same time staying hopeful and looking out for where our miracle is coming from. I have to even check my thoughts so as to not work myself to anger, and yes even to fits of rage because I felt as though God didn’t show in my time. I want to encourage you, but I also want to challenge you with this thought. If anyone reading this can honestly say they are at a place with the Lord where you feel; “I have walked with you for some time now, I know that you will never leave me nor forsake me”, “I am the righteousness of Christ!,”  “I have never seen the righteous forsaken or a seed begging for bread”, we know that God is, and will provide all things that we have asked for. (Some answer/resources we have prayed came in the form of seed but that is a different subject). There is no need for the high emotional level trying to manipulate the hand of God. What if we changed our perception of this? What if instead of looking for a miracle, we were looking to be a miracle.