Lost And Found

By Mark Hopper

You have read in my previous articles how much we enjoy getting to spend time with our grandchildren.  We usually babysit one day a week. They love to come to Grammy’s house and we love to have these special visitors.

In addition to playing with toys and baking muffins at our house, we usually take them out on an adventure.  Recently we went to the big Lowe’s home improvement store in Chino Hills.  My wife wanted our granddaughters to see the new potted plants and colorful flowers.  We then purchased some plant food to enrich some of the strawberry plants growing in our beautiful garden.

Our adventure also included a stop at Chick Fil A for some chicken nuggets and waffle fries.  Our older granddaughter already knew that she wanted a “Kid’s Meal”.  I think it had something to do with the toy that came with the meal.  Her little sister was glad to help eat the chicken nuggets and waffle fries, they each got a box of apple juice too.

When we got home after our outing, we got the kids out of their car seats, unloaded the diaper bag, grabbed their coats and got them into the house.  We took time to check the mail box – they always like to see if there is anything in the mail box!

The afternoon included some rest time.  We were hoping they would nap – we needed one!  But, a nap didn’t seem to be part of their plan.  Their mother picked them up after work and it was a nice day with our special visitors.

However, a few hours later when we decided to go out to dinner, we could not find the car key.  We had lost the original key a few months ago and paid quite a bit of money to replace it.  Now, we couldn’t find the new key…how responsible of us.

We looked everywhere for that key. We looked in the toy box,  in the car, under the sofa, under their car seats, we searched through my wife’s purse.  Where did the car key go?  I knew we had used the new key to drive the car earlier that day, so the key had to be somewhere but we couldn’t find it.

There is a passage in the Bible that includes three stories about a lost coin, a lost sheep and a lost son.  In each story in Luke chapter fifteen, Jesus explained that a “woman searched and swept her house until she found the lost coin.”  He also described how the shepherd left the ninety nine sheep to search for the one that was lost. And, he used the story of a lost son (the prodigal son) to reveal the heart of the father who watched patiently for his “lost son” to return home.

The common thread in these three parables was that they searched diligently for what was lost and they rejoiced greatly when it was found. We are like the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son.  God is like the determined woman, the searching shepherd and the loving father.  All of them celebrate when they found what was “lost”.

Our Heavenly Father never gives up on you and me.  He never left us – we strayed away from Him.  He longs for us to come back to Him.  The Bible says that Heaven rejoices when one “lost” sheep, coin or son is restored to fellowship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

By the way, we finally found the lost key.  I sent an email to our daughter and asked her to look through the kid’s coats, snack box and the diaper bag.  She called and told us that she found the key in the diaper bag.  How did that happen?  I must have dropped the key into the diaper bag when we unloaded the car when we got home from our fun adventure.

Let me encourage you to dust off your Bible and read Luke chapter 15 for yourself.  And, let me encourage you to be more careful where you put your car keys, too!  You will be glad you did!

Pastor Mark Hopper

Efree Church of Diamond Bar

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