Three Arrested For Attempted Murder In Chino

Kevin Devon
Thomas (18 yrs old)

Tariq Rayshawn Thompson (19 yrs old)

Deangelo Rabon (20 yrs old)

By Danny Nguyen

Chino – Chino police detectives alongside Special Enforcement Team and SWAT team members arrested, on Feb. 21, three young adult men for suspected armed robbery, attempted murder, and assault in their ongoing investigation involving calls made from multiple people about a disturbance in the neighborhood block of 3900 Yellowstone Circle from a house party.

18-year-old Kevin Devon Thomas from Azusa, 19-year-old Tariq Rayshawn Thompson from West Covina, and 20-year-old Deangelo Rabon from La Puente were arrested after detectives sent out 5 search warrants in the area. They started with Thomas and Thompson on the 21st, which they were booked for robbery and assault while Rabon was booked for attempted murder and robbery, according to a Chino press release.

In an article from the Chino Champion Newspapers about the incident, police spokeswoman Monica Gutierrez, stated that “warrants were sent to homes at the 800 block of Vincent Avenue in Azusa, 3800 block of Muirfield Street in El Monte, the 15600 block of Amar Road, and the 900 block of Del Valle Avenue in La Puente as well as the 1700 block of E. Natalie Avenue in West Covina.”

All three are being held at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga, with Rabon’s bail set at $1 million, while the other two have bails set at $100,000 each.

The police investigation started on Saturday Feb. 17 when law enforcement responded to calls made about a fight that occurred at a house party. Officers intended to arrive at the crime scene, but received information from another caller, who reported witnessing an armed robbery occur at the same place where the fighting took place. It appeared that an unidentified black suspect prepared to steal the caller’s belongings and subsequently shot at the caller with a handgun. The caller could not be reached for further details.

Hours later, police answered another call from an 18-year-old guy that reported being robbed of his jewelry at gunpoint, except this time it was by two unknown black male suspects, at the same address.

It wasn’t until police responded to another call made by an injured male person the next morning on Feb. 18 roughly around 9:15am in the Chino Valley Medical Hospital Center. The police then, were able to connect the dots with the three men, even with being separate incidents. The injured victim in the hospital claimed that “he was beaten and attacked by someone with a pistol who had attempted to rob him and he was revealed to be present at the same party where the fight occurred.” Shots were fired, but fortunately the victim was not hit. The victim also claimed that another 15-year-old male was assaulted as he tried to help him.

Since the investigation is still ongoing, those with more information on the case should contact Detective Chinnis at (909) 334-3047 or at