Chino PD Investigate Murder/Suicide Following Standoff with S.W.A.T

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
CSI collect evidence from the victim’s vehicle where she was found suffering from multiple stab wounds earlier in the afternoon this last Saturday, March 24.

By Anthony Saude


Chino – At around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 24, officers from the Chino Police Department responded to a call regarding an injured woman in the 12300 block of Cypress Avenue.  When the officers arrived on the scene, Fire officials were already on the scene & were performing first aid on the victim, who has been identified as Nicole Batoosingh, 32. According to the fire officials from Chino Valley Fire Department, Batoosingh was suffering from multiple stab wounds so they called the police for assistance. Fire personnel found the victim found inside her vehicle parked in front of home on the corner of Fillmore Ave and Cypress Avenue. The victims’ dog (who was not injured) was also found, spattered with the victim’s blood, sitting quietly in the backseat of the vehicle. Paramedics then arrived and performed CPR on the victim for approximately 45 minutes, in an attempt to stabilize her before transporting her to a nearby hospital

The police began their investigation and quickly learned that the male suspect, who police have identified as Daniel Batoosingh, 37, had barricaded himself in a residence at the end of the block and was refusing to come out. At that time the officers on scene requested assistance from SWAT officers who quickly arrived on the scene. The standoff ended shortly before 7:00 pm on Saturday evening after a police SWAT team entered the residence and found that the suspect dead inside the residence. He had apparently committed suicide hours after the stabbing that left the woman fatally wounded. Coroner’s officials have not yet announced the official cause of death.

Authorities were quick to cordon off the 12400 block of Cypress Avenue with yellow Crime Scene tape and continued with their investigation. The victim’s vehicle, which was now a crime scene, remained parked in the middle of the street during the barricade situation and investigation. A short time later, police learned that the victim had succumbed to her injuries and had been pronounced dead at the medical center. Her identity has also been withheld until the next of kin have been notified however police have confirmed that victim and suspect were known to each other.

It was reported that witness, Steve Loop, said:  “From what I can surmise she must have fell out of the car during the attack. She was lying in the street, bleeding. The paramedics were working on her for about 45 minutes.”

Neighbors said that the couple had been renting a room in a residence near the scene. One neighbor was reported as saying that the victim had multiple bruises on her body and she believed that the woman had been the victim of consistent domestic abuse. The investigation is ongoing and police urge anyone with any information about the crime to contact Detective Carlson of the Chino PD at (909) 334-3102 or email