Fatal Accident Victim Identified From Eastvale

By Jaelyn Fudge

Eastvale – On March 14, 2018, authorities identified a 24 year old male from the City of Eastvale who was a victim of a freak fatal accident that Wednesday afternoon. The deadly incident occurred on the westbound interstate 210 freeway near the Buena Vista Street off- ramp at approximately 12:42 p.m. The accident was a result of heavy metal debris that allegedly flew through the vehicleowner’s windshield; which immediately affected the security of the vehicle, safety of the driver, and induced the passenger to attempt to maintain control of the vehicle, a Volkswagen Jetta. Disclosed by authorities and present witnesses, this incident was the resultof a heavy unidentified vehicle (possibly an SUV or pickup truck)that seemingly drove over metal debris which instantly ascended into open air, and unintentionally plowed directly through the window of the Jetta. Although the passenger of the vehicle showed no signs of injury, the driver of the vehicle, later identified as Stace Woodward, suffered a fatal injury to the head as a result to the impact of the metal debris. Woodward was pronounced deceased shortly after the arrival of the fire department and paramedics, despite the passenger’s attempts to revive him with first aid. “Upon our arrival, we noticed that the debris had seemingly entered the Volkswagen through the windshield, and undoubtedly struck Woodward. Afterwards, the No. 1 lane of the Buena Vista Street off ramp was blocked for about three hours while the fatal crash was investigated and the scene was cleaned up.” CHP Officer Rodrigo Jimenez stated. This occurrence is not only tragic and unfortunate, but has been presumably difficult to process for Woodward’s family  Parents Andrew and Tiffany Woodward  who referred to Stace as “A joy to our lives and beloved member of our family who brought life and love wherever he went” in the obituary to their son. The surviving family of Stace Woodward however, will be entitled to a wrongful death lawsuit, in which they will be granted the opportunity to seek compensation for damages including expenses, funeral costs, etc. While condolences are directed towards the Woodward family, if your loved one has been the victim of a wrongful death, contact the Los Angeles and Riverside Wrongful Death Attorney’s at 800-235-6801.