Leftover Easter Eggs

By Mark Hopper

I have shared in previous articles how much my wife loves decorating our home during the various seasons of the year.  We have boxes and plastic storage tubs full of decorations for spring and fall, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I think we also have some patriotic decorations for the 4th of July.

Easter season has been a lot of fun this year.  One of the things that our young grandchildren like to do is hunt for Easter Eggs around our house.  I enjoy hiding the plastic eggs and love to watch them enjoy finding them.

We have also learned that hiding the eggs is just as much fun as finding the eggs. The four year old likes to hide the plastic eggs inside drawers and kitchen cabinets. The younger 15 month old likes to hide them in more conspicuous places like on a living room chair or on top of the coffee table.

The four year old likes to give hints about the location of the hidden eggs. She uses words like “you are getting warmer” and “you are getting colder” to help guide her younger sister and me to the hidden locations.

On the other hand, the younger one likes to actually show her older sister when she has hidden the eggs. She will walk right to the spot and pick up the egg and give it to her older sister.

It is a fun game to play inside or outside the house. It fills a lot of time and allows both girls to be creative in where they hide the plastic Easter Eggs.

However, one of the challenges of hiding and finding Easter Eggs is accounting for all of them.  After we play this game several times, we realize that some of the eggs are still missing.  I sometimes forget where I have hidden them and sometimes our granddaughters do too. Where did they go? Why haven’t we found all of them yet?

The other day, as we were going to bed, my wife and I discovered a plastic egg under our pillow. Another time, we found one behind the living room curtains. Leftover Easter Eggs keep popping up around our house days after the children had left.

Leftover Easter Eggs bring a smile to our faces and warms our hearts. When we come across a hidden egg, we are reminded of the special times we share with these two precious little girls.

I recommend that all grandparents keep a supply of plastic Easter Eggs year round. They provide a fun activity with little guests and create some memories that will last for a long time. You will be glad you did and they will too!

Pastor Mark Hopper

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