New Best Buy policy; CD’s will no longer be sold in stores

Joel Chavez 

Best Buy announces that as of July 1st they will no longer be selling CD’s in stores. Best Buy has already informed its music suppliers that they will not have any CD’s in stock in the stores. The new era of streaming music from phones has removed CD’s from their place. 

Best Buy announces to consumers the end of the CD era. Best Buy announced on February 1 that as of July 1 they will no longer be selling CDs in stores. A new era of streaming music from Smartphones has pushed CD’s aside. 

Ed Christman from Billboard was quoted as saying, “Best Buy has already informed its music suppliers that their services will no longer be required by July of this year. The decision to drop CDs follows an 18.5 percent decline in music CD sales in 2017.  

The rise of streaming music services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora, as well as the availability of digitally downloadable tracks and albums, are rendering the CD extinct. Many companies that manufacture CD players like Sony, Panasonic, and Yamaha, are starting to produce significantly less CD players due to low revenue. According to Best Buy vinyl will continue to be sold, but that’s only guaranteed for the next two years due to a commitment made to vendors. 

With the rise of streaming media services, eventually they will even releasing be releasing their own physical copies of new music, movies, and TV shows. Don Lugo student Orlando Robles’18 says, “When I was a little boy I used to love hearing music from my dad’s CD player but now that technology has advanced I like to listen to my own music through Spotify with my phone.” Best Buy’s products of CD’s, DVD’s, and Blu-ray DVD’s won’t disappear altogether for their consumers, but will only be available for purchase online for consumers. 

Target is trying a different tactic; instead of getting rid of CDs completely, it wants music and movies to be sold on a consignment basis. Target would only pay for an individual CD or DVD once it is scanned and sold to a customer. It seems likely Target’s plan will be rejected and ultimately that could push it to follow Best Buy and stop selling music CDs altogether, and possibly even DVDs.