Lawsuit Over Air Show Settled

By Anthony Saude

ChinoSpectators will get an up-close look at aircraft at the 2018 Planes of Fame Air Show. A lawsuit filed last year by several Chino Airport tenants, who were hoping to shut down the annual event, was settled last month. Allowing the May 5 and 6 events to proceed. So it appears that the show will go on.

A civil lawsuit was filed last year by several Chino Airport tenants including Zangeneh Aeronautics, Socal MRO, Flying Tigers Aviation, Yanks Air Museum, and AFT Center to shut down the annual Planes of Fame Museum air show. The lawsuit that claimed their businesses were affected adversely by the air show by physically blocking and obstructing various airport businesses from operating by erecting fences and other barriers that kept customers from accessing their businesses.” All parties have agreed to a settlement on the lawsuit, allowing the Saturday, May 5 and Sunday, May 6 event to go on as scheduled.

“We are happy to have reached an agreement so Planes of Fame Air Museum can bring to the aviation community one of the premier aviation events in the United States and the world,” said Planes of Fame president Steve Hinton in a statement on Tuesday. “We are pleased that the tradition will continue as many in the aviation community from all over the world look forward to their annual trip to Chino for the air show.”

The lawsuit also stated that the plaintiffs were seeking compensation for lost business, dating back to the year 2013. Since the lawsuit was filed, parties on both sides have been working together feverishly to come up with a solution that everybody could agree on. According to San Bernardino County Court records the lawsuit was dismissed last month, so it appears that they were able to reach an agreeement.

“I’m glad we have settled the lawsuit and are looking forward to better serving the aviation community,” said Flying Tigers president Michael Thayer in a news article. “I know with the additional support of Flying Tigers FBO and Yanks Air Museum, it will be the best air show ever and create a win-win for us all.” Moving forward, it looks like the airport tenants have pledged to work together with Planes of Fame for the success of future air shows. Which is good news for fans of the Annual Air Show.