Men of Impakt Recognition Award

By Anthony Saude
I had some incredible guests in the month of April. What a blessing that I get to chat with individuals who are out there making a difference in people’s lives every day. These guys are doing this type of stuff in their spare time. Check out and the interview with David Bethany and Don Tietz on April 26. If you are a man and going on a mission trip is something that you have thought about for years but just haven’t pulled the trigger, you are going to want to check out this opportunity.
I was honored to be able to talk to 2 men on separate weeks from the Cajun Navy 2016. Check out their website: or check them out on Facebook. We got to speak with Billy Brineager and Ben Husser about how they drove to Texas from Louisiana with their boats and started rescuing people and giving people hope. These 2 interview are incredible. I am still working with John Able to schedule an interview as well. These guys had just got back from a visit to the White house. Great stuff.
I am really excited about the guest lineup for the month of May too. Also this month M.O.I. Would like to honor your Man Of Impakt. Send us an email to outlining who your M.O.I is and why. We will pick one to honor for our first Annual Men Of Impakt rcognition award.Send your nominations to We will do it every year around Fathers day. All the Men of Impakt that anybody nominates will be mentioned on the Radio show and listed in this article because they are all M.O.I. for sure.
Remember Men you are going to make an impact in this world somehow, somewhere. What do you want yours to look like?