Collegewood 2nd graders celebrate Earth Day

 Kelli Gile

WALNUT Second graders at Collegewood Elementary paid tribute to Mother Earth with a day of “outdoor school” on April 22.

About 100 students rotated through stations while learning about recycling, repurposing, and more.

“Our kids need to practice Earth Day every day so that their future will be clean and bright!” said teacher Betsy Hale.

The youngsters planted herb and flower seeds in empty milk cartons and crafted simple bird feeders from pipe cleaners and cereal rounds to hang on trees and bushes on campus.

“They love watering the plants and watching them grow!” shared teacher Elvonne Vance.

Teacher Stephanie Johnson offered a lesson on water cycles using sandwich bags and food coloring that she found on Pinterest.

“I had them draw a water line at the bottom of the Ziploc and a sun at the top to begin the science experiment,” she explained.

Each student filled the bottom of the baggie with water and then carefully squeezed in a couple drops of blue dye before taping to a window.

The food coloring would enable them see the water evaporate in the warm sunlight, condense back into liquid, and fall back down in the form of precipitation after a few days.

The youngsters also created Earth Day posters using paper bags with handles, old crayons, paper scraps, and art pastels.

“Take care of the Earth, we only have one!” wrote Paloma Pasquil.

“We should take care of our Earth every day,” added Danika Pe.

The activities covered all curricular areas including math, science, reading, writing, and art.

The children enjoyed games of golf and croquet on the grass while listening to ecology-themed songs

“It was good old-fashioned play – no electronics!” said Hale who even received a couple thank you notes afterward.

“Events like this are remembered!” she exclaimed.