Watch for Camels

By Mark Hopper

We saw a lot of camels on our recent trip to Israel.  We saw some camels at tourist stops where people could pay the owner five dollars to sit on a one and get their picture taken. We also saw a lot of camels on the hillsides as we rode down the highway on our tour bus.


I frequently noticed a sign along the highway that made me smile.  We have similar signs along our highways and interstates that have a picture of an animal.  These signs don’t need words on them – the picture says it all.


We have some of these signs in Diamond Bar with an image of a deer on it.  In other words, it is warning drivers to be careful and “Watch for Deer”.  I have seen other signs in the mountains with a picture of an Elk or Bear which means – “watch out for local wildlife” on the highway.


I must admit, I have never seen a sign along any highway with the picture of a Camel.  But I did in Israel.  These signs were everywhere, especially in the vast desert areas in the southern part of the country.  Apparently, camels do sometimes wander out onto the highway.  Roadside signs warn drivers to be careful and watch out for camels on or near the highway.


Just seeing the signs made me smile.  I laughed to myself as I imagined seeing a sign like that in our country.  I doubt if you will ever see one even as you drive across the desert to Phoenix or Las Vegas.  Caution – watch for camels, seems pretty unlikely in our country.


The Bible has some warning signs, too.  The authors of the Bible warn us to not covet neighbor’s possessions and to not lie and to not steal.  We call these commandments – like the Ten Commandments in Exodus chapter 20.


These commandments are warning signs on the highway of life.  They try to alert us that there are dangers and consequences ahead if we ignore the warning signs.


Parents try to alert their children of the hazards and dangers that may be in their future.  Teens will be tempted by drugs, drinking and reckless behavior that can be harmful to their lives and the lives of others.  Wise parents try to warn their children and teens of temptations and dangers ahead.


We post signs to alert children and adults of the risks of swimming in the ocean or in a hotel pool.  Warning – no life guard on duty.  Caution – rip currents.  The warning signs are there to protect us from unseen or unexpected dangers.


You may not encounter any camels on your next road trip, but let me encourage you to pay attention to the signs along the highway. There are real dangers ahead as you drive down a vast interstate highway or a windy mountain road.  Stay alert and heed the warning signs.  And, watch for camels, too! You will be glad you did and others will too!


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