Mike Kolling Retires After Almost 3 Decades of Service

By Anthony Saude

Chino – Mike Kolling retired from the City of Chino after 29 plus years of employment. Kolling retired from the position of Capital Projects and Building Maintenance Manager after a long illustrious career. The City hosted a special retirement luncheon for a very special and distinguished guest.

Kolling was hired as an Associate Park Planner by Chino in December 1988 and shortly after promoted to Capital Projects Manager. Kolling is a licensed landscape architect.

During Kolling’s tenure, he designed and was the projects manager for many of the new parks you see in the city today.  The skate park and the expansion of Ayala Park are just a couple examples of the scope of projects he managed. He was also the project manager for the construction of major facilities in the City of Chino, including the Carolyn Owens Community Center, Chino Police Department Facility, Fire Stations No. 1 and No. 3 and the training center.

In 2001 and 2012 Kolling was named the Employee of the Year Award by the City of Chino. He loved that he got to volunteer as the Chino Relay For Life Logistics Lead from 2003-2017. He put in hundreds of hours planning the course and the site where it was held each year. In 2018 Kolling reached a milestone by donating 100 gallons of blood.

The Chino City Council recognized Kolling at the July 17 City Council meeting, he was presented with a tile of the City Of Chino’s official seal.

Mike Kolling’s accomplishments during his time with the City:

1997 Cypress Trails Park

1998 Neighborhood Activity Center

2001 Chaffey College Chino Campus Development

2001 Chino Youth Museum

2001 Chino Experience Teen Center

2002 2004 Aguiar Square Development Phase I and II

2003 Chino Skate Park at Ayala Park

2005 Shady Grove Park

2005 Monte Vista Park Medical Clinic

2005 Current AG Preserve and College Park Development

2006 Paseo Del Sol Development

2006 CDF Helipad Project

2006 Chino High School Track Improvements

2006 Council Chambers Remodel

2007 Carolyn Owens Community Center

2007 Chino Valley Fire District, Fire Station No. 3

2011 Chino Valley Fire District, Fire Station no. 3 and Training Center

2012 Chino Police Department Facility Development

2016 Chino Community Garden

Master Plan Projects for:

Ayala Park Expansion Master Plan

Downtown Civic Center Master Plan

Recreation and Open Space Master Plan

East Chino Specific Plan

AG Preserve Master Plan

Southern California Edison Easement Master Plan