Fun With a Grandson

Pastor Mark Hopper

By Mark Hopper


My brother and I grew up in Arizona. We didn’t have major league sports in the Phoenix area when we were young but there were several Major League Baseball teams that did their Spring Training in Arizona.


One of my memories as a little kid was going to a Major League Baseball game with my brother and our grandfather.  The stadiums were much smaller and we got to see some well known players in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.


Now, sixty years later it was my turn to take one of my grandsons to a Major League Baseball game at Angel stadium.  We have gone to several games with our whole family but this was the first time it was just grandpa and grandson. I wondered how the two of us would do on our baseball adventure.


We stopped at In N Out Burger for a quick dinner. We both enjoyed burgers and fries and shared a Milk Shake for dessert. We saw other Angel fans who were going to the game. We arrived at the stadium in time for the National Anthem.  As we entered the stadium we each received a free T-shirt marking all star player Mike Trout’s 27th birthday!  My grandson was impressed!


A friend had given us two tickets to the game. We didn’t realize they were near the Angel’s dugout less than 15 rows from the field.  My grandson and I were very excited to be sitting so close with a great view of home plate.


It was a great game to watch.  The visiting team got off to a quick start getting two runs in the first inning.  But, the Angels came back in the bottom of the inning scoring five runs. They would score six more runs during the rest of the game and win 11-5!


We brought some snacks with us to enjoy during the game and my grandson also brought his own baseball glove and hoping to catch a foul ball. A couple came in our direction but none were close enough for us to catch. We also did some shopping in the Angel’s team store. He selected a souvenir so he could remember this special time with Pop Pop.


I wondered how long my grandson would want to stay. I asked him a couple of times if he was getting tired and was ready to go home. To my surprise he said that he didn’t want to leave early but wanted to stay until the end of the game. So we stayed until the last out and cheered the Angel’s victory.


I took a lot of pictures with my cell phone and sent them to my wife and his mom and dad. In addition, we were on the Jumbotron during the game as a cameraman captured us and other enthusiastic fans in our section. My grandson was also excited to be part of the “Wave” where fans stand and cheer as the “Wave” sweeps around the stadium. And, we sang “Take me out to the ball game” in the 7th inning.


It was an eventful night at the ballgame.  I’m sure it is an adventure that we will remember for a long time.  I held his hand as we walked across the parking lot and I couldn’t help but smile – Grandpa and his grandson at a baseball game.  As we drove home, I asked my little buddy if he enjoyed the game.  He said “Yes”.  Then he asked, “Can I close my eyes now?”


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