Collegewood Students Join Flashlight Fridays

By Kelli Gile

 WALNUT–Collegewood Elementary 2nd graders are benefitting from an innovating approach to fostering an interest in reading. Every other Friday, students grab a book, a flashlight, and a fruit snack for a special “lights out” silent reading time. Teacher Diane Zell taped black construction paper over the windows as the children settled with book boxes in cozy places around the room during the September 14 session. “They get so excited for this fun activity,” Zell shared. Before the reading began, the teacher flipped off the switch cueing youngsters they could shine the little beams on the ceiling for a five-second light show in the darkness. “It’s one way we make reading uniquely exciting,” she added. On a Flashlight Friday last year, the youngsters unanimously voted as a reward to read to favorite stuffed animals. This year, Zell plans add to the fun by having students bring in blankets and make reading forts below their desks.

Watch out for Fort Flashlight Fridays coming soon at Collegewood!