Chino Taking Action to Show They Care

By Izabella Salinas

Chino- Different members of the city of Chino have joined together to create a movement called “Chino Cares.”

Chino Cares is a movement with the ultimate goal to unite each group in the diverse Chino community. They plan to do this by asking members to pledge to five things: Be informed, be prepared, be connected, be committed, and be supportive. These pledges mean members must remain informed about the city, sign up for Chino’s mass communication system, commit to the safety of their neighbor, be prepared for disaster, and show support for the city by attending city events.

More than 200 city employees have pledged their allegiance to the campaign. The movement began with only city employees but has now expanded to allow residents, business owners, and organizations to join. Chino Cares believes that it is important for everyone to participate in the making of a more resilient community.

Since the expansion of membership to other parts of the community, there have been 180 households and eight businesses/organizations who have pledged to Chino Cares.

“We want to make our community even stronger so that we will be more resilient and recover more quickly when disaster strikes,” said Christin Wolff, the founder of Chino Cares.

Chino Cares hopes the concept of their movement will eventually reach every city across the nation.

“In a nation where communities are dividing over their differences, the City of Chino is looking to unify under the one sentiment that is common across the spectrum – ‘We Care’,” said the City of Chino website.

The campaign has provided special events for people in the community to meet members serving in the movement.

“We intend to do more of this in the future, bringing City Hall into our neighborhoods as another example of the ways in which ‘Chino Cares’,” said Christin Wolff.

The Chino Cares motto is, “Resilience through Unity.”

Visit to take the pledge and join the movement to unify.