City of Eastvale Launches New Website

Laptop in a coworking space

Staff Reports

Eastvale – The City of Eastvale recently launched a new website that is expected to enhance the City’s ability to serve and engage the community.  “This new website will offer residents and businesses an enhanced experience that prioritizes digital service delivery, effective navigation, and increased access to information,” according to the City.

The new highly functional and user-friendly website has a modern design and will support the needs of all 73,700 Eastvale residents, in addition to the millions of digital visitors the City has.

The City of Eastvale stated that they partnered with Granicus to initiate a “full top-to-bottom website overhaul that included an in-depth review of website analytics, visitor behavior, and even incorporated community input that led to the new design, core functionality, and enhanced accessibility of the revamped website,” according to a news release.

The data also concluded that nearly half of the City’s web traffic comes from mobile devices.  This is due to the global trend that indicates people prefer to use their mobile phones to connect and engage online.  Therefore, the new website has a responsive and accessible website design that can automatically adjust the layout, font sizes, images and buttons to fit a mobile screen.

“Prior to our launch of our new intuitive website for Eastvale, it was difficult to navigate and find specific information on our website,” said City Manager, Bryan Jones, in a news release.  “Now, we’re able to provide a customer-first website that provides users with a mobile-friendly website that quickly connects people with the information they need.”

Jones also expresses excitement for the new website feature that gives the ability to translate the information to other languages. “One of our proudest parts of this website besides its beautiful design and layout is that it is now accessible to all cultures through the ability to translate our website into every language.  This aligns our website with our diverse, mixed culture community.  We are one of the most diverse communities in California; a demographic we are really proud of as a City.   We strive to ensure we are accessible to and engaging with everyone.”

Susan Ganeshan, Chief Marketing Officer at Granicus, also commented on her satisfaction with the partnership and work completed for the City of Eastvale.  “Our team of government website design experts and developers at Granicus were very pleased to deliver a new website for the City of Eastvale that will provide a more intuitive and seamless experience for visitors,” said Ganeshan.  “As the Eastvale community grows and its demographics shift to include a more mobile-first generation, we prioritized responsiveness on mobile devices and updated the navigation to reflect the top service-oriented requests from customers,” she added.