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William Radcliffe is an Attorney You Can Trust

Anthony Saude

Chino Hills – Hiring an attorney can be very intimidating and let’s face it the industry doesn’t exactly have a “trustworthy” reputation. We should be careful and ask some questions when we do need an attorney. What questions should we ask before we actually hire an attorney? First, how long have they been practicing law? Second, who are they, what evidence do we have of their honesty and integrity? Third, do we believe they actually care about us, our case and not just the money? Also we have to ask can we afford the legal fees and will this firm give me the most bang for my buck?
In a society where money is king and less costs more with every passing day finding an attorney that we can trust and afford can be like finding a needle in a haystack.
William Radcliffe is the attorney that not only answers these questions positively but exceeds expectations in his areas of expertise.

William became one of the youngest attorneys in California at the age of 23. He began his career 32 years ago working with his father John Radcliffe, a well known and respected personal injury attorney in Covina.

In 1986 William married his wife Bonnie who was a legal secretary at a law firm in Ontario at the time. “Bonnie’s Paralegal” processed uncontested divorces and became very successful while William continues to work with his father. After some time William decided to start his own law practice and with Bonnie’s business serving as a client base it was a no brainer for them. William Radcliffe Law Offices became one of the first law firms that offered traditional attorney representation as well as assisting people in representing themselves in cases that didn’t really need attorney assistance.

In the 1990’s the business expanded their services to bankruptcies and a few years later added Wills and Trusts to their growing list of services. “Experience in the area of your need is important” says William. “I think someone who will try to keep the Client’s legal expenses to a minimum is important and that is what got us to where we are today” William added. William said, “we know that not everybody can afford a large legal retainer and no one wants to spend more money than is necessary so if all they need is a paralegal we are there for them”.

Whether you need traditional attorney representation or simply some legal assistance The Law office of William Radcliffe will assess your case and do “whatever it takes” to give you the most cost effective legal assistance plan available today.
“Every Client will receive hands on personal service from an attorney every step of the way through their case” says William. William Radcliffe law offices are always keeping their eyes open to what the latest needs might be for future clients. They are constantly looking at what other offices are doing and what the current trends are for the legal needs of the people. “We now see that mediation is a common trend in the industry today and that ties into our philosophy of helping our clients avoid runaway attorney fees”.

William Radcliffe is bringing these philosophies to Orange County to help even more people by showing them that there is somebody out there trying to help them with this need in an industry that just put simply doesn’t have that type of reputation.
The main office is in Chino/Chino Hills but they also see clients in their home office in San Clemente where he and Bonnie reside. They are involved in the Children’s Ministry at Saddleback Church in San Clemente and provide legal service to the public at the church’s PEACE center.

Bankruptcy, Wills, Trusts and Divorces contested and uncontested services available at reasonable prices. You can contact William Radcliffe at (909)597-3633 or