Who Stole Norco Bob’s Big Boy Statue?

Staff Reports

Norco –   The iconic “Bob’s Big Boy” statue in Norco was reportedly stolen and the “thieves” were caught on camera. The story buzzed around local social media sites until the culprits admitted it was just a publicity stunt.

“OK, we’re busted!! Yes it’s true, we were in cahoots with Bob’s Big Boy Norco to “borrow” one of their iconic Big Boy statues,” boasted “Decked” on their Facebook page. “We hold a sentimental place in our hearts for Big Boy.”

Surveillance footage that circled social media sites showed four men lifting the 2,000 lb statue and loading it into a pickup. The statue was later found in a field of tall grass.

“We will be returning Big Boy to the Norco location later this evening along with a monetary donation to help them feed frontline heroes within their community,” according to the “Decked” Facebook page. “Thanks Big Boy- what a blast! Support your local Big Boy (and if you steal one, treat it with the respect it’s earned over all these years!)”

The statue was returned and the donation was much needed and appreciated.

“As kids we’ve craved their burgers and as adolescents stolen their statues; so how better to demonstrate the 2000 lb payload of our DECKED truck bed drawer system than with a real-life Big Boy himself,” said Decked. “We apologize for any stress this may have caused you, see you at your local Big Boy.”  #WhoStoleBigBoy