Eastvale Homeless Encampment

By Michael Armijo

Eastvale – A homeless encampment has developed in Eastvale on the southwest side of Limonite and the 15 freeway on ramp, and residents are wondering who’s responsible for the area.

“The jurisdiction of the camp falls under Caltrans,” said Marc Donohue, Communications Director at the city of Eastvale. “Caltrans would be the ones to clear the area,” he added.

The question remains bleak for Eastvale residents who have complained about the encampment. “It’s unlikely that this would happen under the Governors current order of a moratorium with regards to moving homeless,” Donohue added. Caltrans seems to agree, but Caltrans cites COVID-19 as their reason.

Upon contacting Caltrans they agreed, the encampment falls into their jurisdiction.

“Caltrans takes the health and safety of its employees very seriously and is monitoring and following all recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, California Department of Public Health, CalHR and others,” said Chris Clark, Media Relations Manager for Caltrans Sacramento Headquarters.

Clark cites the concerns over COVID-19 spreading among the homeless population as the reason they won’t clear the area in Eastvale.

“Caltrans has temporarily suspended encampment cleanups unless there is an immediate safety concern,” Clark said. “But will continue to work with local partners to move individuals into safer situations as available.”

“How safe is a freeway on-ramp?” said Eastvale resident Rudy Delgado. “This is a huge safety concern for the homeless and for the residents.”

“They’ve been wandering into our neighborhood (68th and the 15), we saw a homeless man nearly incoherent and what I felt was hostile, and have been seen by the soccer fields,” said Cynthia R., via Facebook. “If he’s going to his campsite via our neighborhood it isn’t safe for our kids.”

The only way this encampment could be cleared is unless “there is an immediate safety concern,” according to Caltrans. The question remains if it is or not, or will it grow into a huge concern.

To voice concerns, you can contact Caltrans’ Media Relations Manager in Sacramento, Chris Clark (who we were referred to when contacting the local level). He can be emailed at Christopher.Clark@dot.ca.gov. His direct line is 916.416.8615. You can copy your email to Terri.Kasinga@dot.ca.gov to ensure the local level has a copy of your correspondence. Please watch verbosity, language, and remember that pictures are worth a thousand words.