Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

By En yu Chang

“It takes ten years of practice for one minute on the stage” a piece of melodic music, a beautiful dance, a set of accurate expressions, plus the audience’s applause, this is dance. Since I was a kid, I’ve loved dancing, especially aerial yoga, and K-pop dance.

After successfully setting up a dance workshop for small children at our church, I soon realized that I enjoyed teaching children to dance as much as I enjoyed dancing. Especially during the pandemic, when most children became languid and inactive in isolation of varying degrees, I relished the reward of watching children break out of their shells and have fun. Introvert children and those who were the only child in their families took more patient coaxing and empathic listening. Still, when they got into the music and paid attention to unison and formation, my sense of accomplishment and joy was all the sweeter. We turn no one away.

As the President of Dancing With The Kids Club, I’m inviting the church, kindergarten, and elementary school educators to kindly open the door and allow us to come to sign up for dance sessions. We can work out the arrangements. The sessions will culminate in a performance show funded entirely by our club’s fundraising drives at no cost to your school.

The following is my contact information: Remind: @erhsdwtk; Instagram: erhs_dwtk; Website:; and Email:

I might not be the best dancer this side of Twice, but I’m a very good dance teacher.

Three years of working with children and learning choreography have served me well. Our children are urged in my workshop to dance like nobody’s watching, but they will always be comfortable knowing that whenever they dance off or even goof off, I’m there watching and admiring.