City Fighting For New Zip Code

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Eastvale – The City of Eastvale is looking for the community’s help to advocate for its own zip code.

Eastvale currently shares two zip codes with the cities of Corona and Jurupa Valley. The Eastvale team “launched a comprehensive campaign several months ago to advocate for its own independent zip code,” stated the City. “Currently, city staff are partnering with legislative members to introduce legislation and urge USPS to approve the zip code adjustments.”

Read the City’s article below to find out more about this issue, and then sign a letter of support. The City will compile letters and use them to continue fighting this effort.

City News Release:

The City of Eastvale currently has two Zoning Improvement Plan (ZIP) codes, “91752” and “92880,” that were previously assigned by the United States Postal Service (USPS). USPS developed ZIP codes to coordinate mail delivery efforts and route mail efficiency. ZIP Code “91752” represents the former Mira Loma unincorporated community that is shared between the Cities of Eastvale and Jurupa Valley; however, Mira Loma no longer exists as an unincorporated area after both cities incorporated. ZIP Code “92880” is currently only assigned to include addresses in Eastvale that are located west of Hamner Avenue.

While Eastvale does not currently share the “92880” ZIP code with neighboring jurisdictions, many addresses that were assigned in Corona prior to 2019 possess the “92880” ZIP code that are not updated in official records. This causes residents, businesses, agencies, and various entities to assume that the “92880” ZIP code is shared between Eastvale and Corona.  

Since the City’s incorporation in 2010, the City has experienced various challenges while sharing a ZIP Code with neighboring jurisdictions including:

  • Difficulty attracting certain businesses to expand in Eastvale given that commercial developers and businesses evaluate expansion decisions based on trade areas that are analyzed by zip codes;
  • Wayfinding and mail delivery challenges as many addresses in Eastvale are listed as “Corona,” “Jurupa Valley,” or “Mira Loma;”
  • Possible increased insurance payments and rates due to being grouped with other jurisdictions;
  • Confusion with voter registration and elections;
  • Impacts to the City’s efforts to build community identity;
  • Possible delays in response efforts in the event of a large-scale emergency; and
  • Eligibility of sport league participation.

City’s Advocacy Efforts

City staff recently launched a comprehensive endeavor for Eastvale to obtain an independent ZIP code. The City is:

  • Talking with wayfinding platforms to ensure that drivers are directed to destinations in Eastvale appropriately
  • Talking with businesses to encourage their employees to identify their branch locations as “Eastvale” instead of other jurisdictions’ names
  • Talking with postal carriers to identify solutions to mail delivery issues
  • Talking with legislators to obtain support at the Federal, State, and County level.

How You Can Help

In order for the City to obtain an independent zip code, the U.S. Congress must enact legislation to officially consolidate the City’s zip code boundaries. The City is actively collaborating with congressmembers to ensure that progress is being made at the Federal level. However, the City encourages residents and community groups to submit letters or comments supporting the City having its own independent zip code. These letters and comments greatly demonstrate that the community supports the City’s endeavor. Letters of support can be filled out below or emailed to the City’s Senior Management Analyst, Alexander Fung, at

Letter of support can be found at:

City staff are also happy to provide presentations to local community organizations regarding the City’s independent zip code advocacy efforts. Interested individuals can contact Mr. Fung at to schedule a presentation.