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Eastvale: Election Season Kicks-Off at Bootsma Ranch


Eastvale – With November’s City Council election season getting closer, some candidates have already thrown their hats in the ring. Current Planning Commissioner, Joe Tessari, and current City Council member, William Link, took part in a Chili Dinner Fundraiser at the Bootsma Ranch Sat., April 12.

The event was a re-election fundraiser for Corona Norco School Board Member Bill Newberry, but Newberry also invited a few city council candidates to participate. The evening proved to be a great way for candidates to introduce themselves to the community and also to begin the fundraising process.

During the fundraiser event, City Council hopeful, Joe Tessari, spoke about his wish to continue his service to the community by becoming part of the council. Tessari has served on the Eastvale Planning Commission for the last three years. Current Council member, Bill Link, also addressed the community and promised to run an open campaign, as he is a very open person and always tries to find the answers needed.

According to the City of Eastvale website, “City Council members are elected at-large for a four year term. Council Members serve “staggered” terms, meaning that either two or three seats are open for election every two years. Council Members receive a $400 per month stipend as compensation for their service”.  The current City Council consists of Mayor Ike Bootsma, Mayor Pro-Tem Adam Rush, Jeff DeGrandpre, Bill Link and Ric Welch.  Adam Rush, Link (who replaced Kelli Howell’s vacated seat in 2013) and Welch’s spots are the three seats that will be up for election in November.

As the election season draws closer, more candidates are expected to come forward and announce their candidacy. Some have even begun to go door to door and introduce themselves to the community. Some previous candidates from the City Council Elections in 2012 and 2013 have already began “pounding the pavement” in hopes of getting their names out there and letting the community know their intentions. And there are others, who are quietly contemplating running and planning their next move.  In an affluent city like Eastvale – with its high public safety, education and income rankings, as well as an extremely active and in-touch community – a City Council seat holds a lot of prestige.

The process to become a candidate starts early and prior to soliciting or receiving any contributions related to candidacy, aspirants must file a Statement of Intention with the City Clerk’s Office. There are also additional filing requirements that are dependent on the amount of contributions anticipated. The official filing period begins on July 14 and ends August 8 of this year. To become a candidate, according to the City of Eastvale’s City Clerk’s office, you must first be issued a Nomination Paper which specifies the office you are seeking. You must also obtain the signatures of at least 20 and not more than 30 registered voters within the City of Eastvale.

To qualify as a candidate for the City Council, you must reside and be registered to vote within the jurisdiction at the time nomination papers are issued. More specifically, you must be:

  • At least 18 years old.
  • A U.S. Citizen.
  • A resident of the City of Eastvale.
  • Registered to vote in the city.
  • You must not be on parole or serving time for any felony conviction.

To find out more information about this process, visit the City of Eastvale’s website at http://www.eastvaleca.gov/.