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IUSD Announces Aid to Houston Students Affected by Harvey

(Inglewood, CA. . .). . . Inglewood Unified School District State Administrator Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana, Ph.D. and the Inglewood Unified School District Board of Education recently announced plans to assist the many students and families of the Huston Independent School District (HISD) who were overwhelmingly affected by Hurricane Harvey. IUSD along with school districts across the United States are joining other organizations in offering support to those in need.

To help students learn about the impact of natural disasters and how they can help mitigate the suffering of victims, IUSD Principals and Teachers have been encouraged to incorporate facts about Hurricane Harvey into their lesson plans and school activities. Many schools will actively assist by collecting donations and or fundraise during non-instructional time.  Additionally, Parents or PTA’s can support the effort by contacting their community schools to determine how best to assist.

According to a Huston Independent School District press release dated August 27th nearly 50 schools were flooded to some degree and are accepting donation of clothes, school supplies and money to help their students and families.

HISD’s immediate need is for children’s clothes of all sizes (new or gently used in clean, ready-to-wear condition), school uniforms and school supplies.

There are two ways that you can immediately help students and families in Houston:

1.             Clothing and Supplies

a.             All clothing and school supplies collected at IUSD schools or classrooms will be sent to:

HISD Harvey Recovery

C/o Delmar Stadium

2020 Magnum

Houston, TX 77092

2.             Monetary Donations

The HISD Foundation is accepting donations to provide financial assistance to students and families. Click the link below to donate:

•              Houston Independent School District: http://www.houstonisd.org/Page/164281

You can utilize any of the organizations below as they are also accepting monetary donations to support those in need:

•              Greater Houston Community Foundation Hurricane Harvey Relief: http://www.ghcf.org

•              Global Giving Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund: http://globalgiving.org/harvey

•              Save the Children: http://www.savethechildren.org

•              American Red Cross: https:www.redcross.org/donate/hurricane-harvey

For additional information regarding IUSD protocols for schools that are donating and collecting in response to natural disasters, please contact the IUSD Office of School and Community Relations at 310.419.2700.

Inglewood Unified School District Students Celebrate International Walk to School Day


Inglewood  – Students across Inglewood Unified School District joined schools from around the world today in celebrating International Walk to School Day.

Approximately 1700 students across the city of Inglewood walked and biked to school this morning along with parents, teachers and community leaders.

Walkers [and bicyclists] arrived at school early to participate in various International Walk to School Day pep rallies.

Walk to School Day events raise awareness of the need to create safer routes for walking and bicycling and emphasize the importance of issues such as increasing physical activity among children, pedestrian safety, traffic congestion and concern for the environment. The events build connections between families, schools and the broader community.

For additional local information, please contact the Inglewood Unified School District Executive Director of School and Community Relations, Dr. Jacqueline Sanderlin at 310.419.2748

About International Walk to School Day

  • Walk to School Day was established in the United States in 1997 by the Partnership for a Walkable America. Canada and Great Britain already had walk to school programs in place.  In 2000, these three countries joined together to create International Walk to School Day.
  • In May 2006, the National Center for Safe Routes to School was established to assist communities in enabling and encouraging children to safely walk and bike to school.
  • The National Center for Safe Routes to School serves as the national coordinating agency for Walk to School and Bike to School activities in the United States.
  • Walk to School Day began as a simple idea – children and parents, school and local officials walking to school together on a designated day. It is an energizing event, reminding everyone of the simple joy of walking to school, the health benefits of regular daily activity, and the need for safe places to walk and bike. Schools focus on health, safety, physical activity and concern for the environment.
  • Organizations supporting International Walk to School Day in the United States include America Walks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Highway Administration, the Institute of Transportation Engineers, the National Center for Safe Routes to School, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Safe Kids Worldwide, and the Safe Routes to School National Partnership.

Inglewood USD FCMAT Progress Report 2016


On Tuesday, September 13, FCMAT released its 2016 Progress Report for the Inglewood Unified School District.  The full report can be found on the Inglewood Unified School District website by scrolling down and clicking on the FCMAT Reviews button.  The review period took place from March 2016 through May 2016 and the report highlights progress made over the period from March 2015 through March 2016.  The major highlights are the following:

  • There was growth in allfive areas of the district
  • The Community Relations and Governance area grew a staggering 2.43 points growing from 1.35 to 3.78
  • The Personnel Management area also demonstrated strong growth of 1.39 points growing from 2.61 to 4.0
  • The Pupil Achievement area grew from 2.90 to 3.32.  This equals almost a ½ point of growth (.42)
  • The Financial Management are grew from 1.88 to 2.16 (.28)
  • The Facilities Management area grew from 3.81 to 3.94 (.13)
  • There are no areas under 2.0 with three areas at/or approaching a score of 4.0
  • Our goal is to reach 5.0 in allstandards and sustain that level of achievement until the target of 10.0 is met.

Specific comments from the report included:

  • “There are signs of improvement. All five advisory board members enrolled in or completed the Masters in Governance program offered by the California School Boards Association (CSBA), this is commendable.”
  • “The HR Department continues to develop, implement, and monitor the consistent application of written procedures on selection and hiring. Training related to selection procedures was provided to all hiring managers. The district continues to perform routine pre-employment testing of classified employees as a part of the selection process and has added numerous online trainings that are mandatory for all new employees.”
  • “The district’s curriculum and instruction leader continues to work for change. The district has worked with the county office to provide training and support for implementing Academic Program Reviews and Instructional Rounds. The district’s professional development calendar shows that multiple trainings were offered to its instructional staff.”
  • “The business division has focused much of their attention on understanding, evaluating and modifying existing processes and procedures for business office functions to improve efficiencies.”

As a district we are proud of the progress we have made, although we realize that we still have much growth in our future.  We will continue to work hard to build capacity throughout all areas of the district. I also thank the teachers, classified employees, parents and community members for supporting the district and helping it move forward.” – Vincent Matthews, State Administrator