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Philly’s Best

By Anthony Saude

Mira Loma – I was in the mood for a hot sandwich and then I remembered that there was a Philly’s Best down the street that I hadn’t tried yet. If I remembered correctly, I even had a buy one get one free cupon. So I took the wife out for lunch to see what all the fuss was about.

The dining was very clean when we walked in and the hostess behind the cash registered smiled a great big inviting smile. She asked us how our day was going and enthusiastically took our order. We decided to order both a chicken and a cheese steak sandwich so we could each taste both.

I expected that they would have both the meats in a container all ready prepared but no, they actually cooked the meat to order. It was so hot and fresh I had to let it cool for a few minutes. The wait was worth it; my wife and I both agreed that the sandwiches were absolutely delicious. As good as the meat and peppers were, the bread actually stole the show.

When we left, we were full, happy and satisfied with the food and the experience. We also got a $9 sandwich for free! So pick up your CityofEastvale.com Newspaper to get your bogo coupon and head down the Philly’s Best at 6237 Pat’s Ranch Road in Mira Loma.