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Baldwin Park Playful City USA

City’s Playability Recognized

Photo Courtesy:  City of Baldwin Park

Photo Courtesy: City of Baldwin Park

Staff Reports

Baldwin Park – Baldwin Park is being honored with a 2015 Playful City USA designation for the seventh time.  The national recognition program honors cities and towns across the country for making their cities more playable. Baldwin Park is proud to be selected once again as a leader in creating more opportunities for play.

This year, the City will be developing new play opportunities at four summer lunch school sites. The school sites are located in neighborhoods that are park poor and where access to play space is limited. Children will be allowed to access the playground area for 60 minutes after enjoying their lunch through the City’s summer lunch program.

Teens will also have an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors by participating in a new program at the Baldwin Park Teen Center where at-risk adolescents participate in various outdoor activities such as hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains.

By integrating these components into play initiatives, local Baldwin Park youth will have the opportunity to use all their senses to learn, explore, and imagine through play.

Hopscotch sidewalks, structured recess programs, mandated neighborhood play spaces, city-wide play days and mobile recreation vehicles are all ways in which these communities are appealing to residents, and attracting and retaining residents.

“Playability is crucial to the success of our future communities, and we are proud of the work these cities and leaders are doing to provide a better quality of life for all residents, and especially families,” says KaBOOM! President, James Siegal. “Play provides a competitive advantage for cities looking to attract and retain residents. With these esteemed leaders, and our friends and partners across the country, we continue to prioritize play for all kids.”

To learn more about these cities, see the full list of the 241 communities named 2015 Playful City USA honorees, or to gather more information on the Playful City USA program, visit www.playfulcityusa.org.