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Independence Day Results Increased

Staff Reports

The Independence Day arrests and traffic deaths results have increased since last year. The Fourth of July Independence Day Maximum Enforcement Period covered a total of 78 hours from 6:01 p.m., July 2, to July 4, 11:59 pm. However, this year’s Independence Day Holiday Maximum Enforcement Period was 24 hours longer than 2015, which Police think may have attributed to the spike in arrests and fatal collisions.

The following details are results statewide and for LA County. The results include DUI arrests and fatal collisions.

Drunk Driving Arrests (CHP Only):
Statewide CHP DUI Arrests 2016: 1118
Statewide CHP DUI Arrests 2015: 930
Los Angeles County CHP DUI Arrests 2016: 211
Los Angeles County CHP DUI Arrests 2015: 207

Traffic Deaths:
Statewide 2016: 35 Killed
Statewide 2015: 26 Killed
Los Angeles County 2016: 6 Killed
Los Angeles County 2015: 2 Killed

The California Highway Patrol wants to remind you to think about the massive toll that drinking and driving causes. “Our goal is to help keep you safe, and to make California a great place to live, work and travel. The California Highway Patrol invests in your future by reducing fatalities, injuries, and crime. We always strive to provide the highest level of safety, service and security to all.”

For more information go to www.chp.ca.gov