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New Year New Tower



Upland–San Antonio Regional Hospital celebrated the New Year with the opening of its new 52-bed Emergency Department and 92-bed patient tower. The hospital’s new Vineyard Tower not only provides the latest medical technology and advanced care delivery systems; it offers patients and their families the comfort and convenience of private accommodations. Each patient room has been specifically designed to create a calm and healing environment for patients and their loved ones, while also providing the healthcare team with immediate access to the essential medical equipment and supplies needed to provide exceptional care.

The completion of the hospital’s $160 million expansion project could not have come at a better time. Emergency rooms throughout the Inland Empire have faced challenges in recent years as the demand for medical services continues to grow. Over the last decade, the population in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties has grown rapidly, outpacing state averages and increasing the need for a number of healthcare services, including emergency and hospital care. More recently, the demand has been fueled by the Affordable Care Act, which expanded coverage for previously uninsured residents, placing additional pressure on the already stretched emergency medical system serving the Inland Empire. “San Antonio Regional Hospital’s” Emergency Department, which has nearly tripled in size, will help to ease this burden by adding additional capacity at the height of the flu season,” stated Kevin Parkes, M.D., President of Mountain View Emergency Physicians Medical Group, Inc. “The Vineyard Tower’s additional beds with heart monitoring capabilities, along with the third critical care unit, will also help free up emergency treatment rooms by allowing patients who require admission to the hospital to be moved into their private room as quickly as possible.” Combined with the rooms in the hospital’s existing Citrus Tower, San Antonio Regional Hospital’s total bed capacity has grown from 271 to 363.

The first floor of the new tower includes the hospital’s main lobby, reception, gift shop, coffee bistro, and art gallery. The second floor is dedicated to the Emergency Department, which houses 52 private treatment rooms, including three rooms that are equipped for major procedures. Imaging equipment is now located in the Emergency Department, eliminating the need to transport patients to other areas of the hospital for X-rays, ultrasounds, or CT scans. The third floor houses a 12-bed intensive care unit and 32 telemetry beds for patients in critical condition needing constant monitoring and care. The fourth floor has 48 medical/surgical beds, including an orthopedic unit with a rehabilitative gym.

The expansion is the largest in the hospital’s 109 year history and was carefully designed and constructed to bring residents the very best hospital experience, with modern amenities, state-of-the-art equipment, and streamlined processes for managing patient care.  “While extraordinary attention to detail was employed throughout the planning and execution of our new Vineyard Tower, the hospital’s legacy is not defined solely by providing state-of-the-art facilities and the latest in medical technology; it also encompasses the caring team of professionals who have devoted their lives to providing excellence with compassion for the people we serve,” stated Harris F. Koenig, President and CEO of San Antonio Regional Hospital.

For more than 100 years, San Antonio Regional Hospital has offered advanced medical care for residents throughout the Inland Empire region. The hospital offers a full range of medical, obstetrical, and surgical services, including open heart, vascular, neurosurgery and urgent care. The hospital treats more than 200,000 patients each year, and is one of the busiest paramedic receiving centers in San Bernardino County. San Antonio has a strong history and reputation for quality care with a personal touch.

The hospital is located at 999 San Bernardino Road, Upland.


New Year, New You:  Liposuction Without The Suction

By Michael Armijo


Premier Body Sculpt Before-After

Premier Body Sculpt is located at 141 W. Foothill Blvd #5 in Upland. You can reach them at 1-(855) 8-SCULPT or visit their website at http://www.premierbodysculpt.com.

Upland – Body Sculpting is best described as an alternative way to lose body fat in specific areas that are hard to reach, including under the arms, love handles, inner thighs, or even the breast area on a man. The procedure seems to be relatively new, but it’s actually an old technique that is revised.

Upon visiting the Premier Body Sculpt Center in Upland, I was a bit skeptical about their amazing new technology actually working. The combination of Ultrasonic Cavitations and Radio Frequency was said to show amazing results without the inconvenience, pain and down-time of surgery. But the skepticism is over.

This non-invasive, liposuction technology works by using sonic energy and vibration to destroy and collapse fat cells, thereby facilitating the body’s natural process to metabolize and move fat out through the lymphatic system. Unlike liposuction – and for a fraction of the cost – results can be seen immediately with no bruising, swelling, or scars.

The best way to describe it would be: imagine getting a huge bag and placing small water balloons inside. Then imagine tapping the bag until the water balloons break. This same concept is applied to Body Sculpting. It liquefies the fat and then the body processes the fat through the urine. Sounds different, but the body processes fat this way, and the results are immediate, with further results seen throughout the week.

When I experienced Body Sculpting myself, all I had to do was lie down and sit up while the three step process was administered. The ultrasound radio frequency was a bit different, as sound waves emitted through my body.  That’s what ultrasound is, an emission of sound waves. But this is at a higher rate, and this is how fat is broken down. And during the process, I could actually hear sound coming out of my ears. It took a moment to get used to, but eventually it didn’t faze me a bit.

When it comes to my health, I am on it. I need to know all the facts, the downsides, and the repercussions. I am a diabetic, so I always have some type of risk. But what gave me confidence was that the technician was an RN, BSN, and Aesthetic Specialist – who also worked in an emergency room at a local hospital (yes, I checked).

I could not find anything negative about the procedure and I did see results right away (the before and after pictures were amazing). I completed three sessions, and I am pleased with the results so far.  I would go back to do more.

I recommend Premier Body Sculpting, and I also recommend you check out their website, watch the video, and make the best decision for yourself.

Premier Body Sculpt is located at 141 W. Foothill Blvd., #5, in Upland. You can reach them at (855) 8-SCULPT, or visit their website at http://www.premierbodysculpt.com.


Upland: Former Defender Sentenced to One Year


Upland – An Upland attorney was sentenced this week to one year and one day in federal prison for stealing $129,795 from the Social Security Administration (SSA) after her grandmother died in 2000.

Audrey Owens, 61, was a deputy public defender for Riverside County, retiring just last September. She pled guilty in March to two counts of theft of government property, admitting that she swindled the government for 12 years. On Mon., June 2, Owens was sentenced by United States District Judge, Virginia A. Phillips.

According to court documents, from June 2000 through August 2012, Owens fraudulently obtained Social Security benefits intended for her grandmother, who died in May 2000. After her grandmother’s death, Owens changed the address of a joint account she shared with her grandmother and continued to receive the dead woman’s payments.

Owens “devised and executed a plan to illicitly obtain significant amounts of SSA benefits intended for her deceased grandmother,” prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memo filed with the court. “Indeed, within just one week of her grandmother’s death, [Owens] sprang her plan into action by immediately removing her father’s name off of the [grandmother’s] Kansas City account and changing the address of record to her own address in Upland. This allowed her to continue to receive SSA benefits, undetected, for over 12 years, totaling more than $129,000. She was only stopped when SSA began to suspect fraud – otherwise, the theft would have likely continued indefinitely and resulted in even greater losses.”

The investigation in this case was conducted by the Social Security Administration, Office of the Inspector General, Office of Investigations.