Inland Empire: Create A Valentine’s Day To Remember


Have you ever wondered what would really make your Valentine happy?  You’ve tried the chaotic restaurant scene in the past, only to leave feeling uncomfortably full, tired, and stressed from the overcrowded restaurant and crazy parking lot.

This Valentine’s Day, show how much you care through actions instead of food.  Skip the busy restaurant and store-bought chocolates.  Instead, schedule some quality time with those you love.  After all, it’s the time we spend together that creates memories, not high fat food and chocolates.  If your loved one is feeling stressed, make time to snuggle up on the couch with their favorite movie.  Or give them a back massage to relieve stress and aching muscles.

Maybe your Valentine would like a meal prepared for them.  Consider making a romantic dinner for two at home with candles and flowers.  Preparing meals at home empowers you to choose healthier foods and smaller portions.  When you make the effort, your Valentine will feel the love in their heart and not on their hips.  After all, food only lasts a second on the lips, but years on the hips.

Has your child already requested Valentine cards to pass out at school?  If so, think about pairing the cards with healthier food options like pretzels instead of candy, or even non-food options like stickers or small toys.  Providing non-food options will subtly show the next generation how we can celebrate without depending on food.  Food should be used to fuel our bodies to keep them healthy and strong, as opposed to making emotional connections to temporarily improve our moods while permanently affecting our health.

The more you separate food from emotions, the happier and healthier you and your family will be.  So give the gift of true love this Valentine’s Day and show your emotions through your actions instead of unhealthy food.

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