Eastvale Crime: A 2014 Recap

By Jennifer Madrigal

Eastvale – According to Eastvale’s Police Department Co-Chief, Lt. Joseph Pemberton, crime in Eastvale is down 6.4% overall from last year. Part 1 Crimes – also known as Index or Summary-based crimes – are as follows:

  • Assaults: 112
  • Robberies: 13
  • Rapes: 6
  • Burglary: 191 (Up 5% from 2013)
  • Auto Theft: 92 (Down 22% from 2013)
  • Larceny: 567 (Down 9.7% from 2013)
  • Total Property Crimes: 850


Indoor Marijuana Grow houses have seen a decrease in 2014. According to Pemberton, in 2013 there were approximately 31 indoor grow operations in the City of Eastvale that were shut down by the Eastvale Special Enforcement Team (SET), with 13 arrests made. Some of these incidents are still being addressed in the court system. These arrests are often hard to bring to conviction as the actual perpetrators are difficult to catch and the operations are vast and far-reaching into many parts of California and even the United States.

This year, citizens have been more aware of this phenomenon and have actively reported suspicious activity. This has helped create a deterrent to individuals looking to grow marijuana indoors within the City of Eastvale.

“Our Special Enforcement Team aggressively investigates all reports of indoor cultivation, and they are widely known around Riverside County,” says Pemberton regarding the success in this area.

In 2014, the Eastvale SET conducted nine investigations into indoor grows in the City and served four search warrants. Two people have been arrested and their cases are pending.

Traffic Safety is a hot topic in Eastvale, and Lt. Pemberton has been asked repeatedly what citations are most frequently written by Police Officers around schools. They are as follows:

  • CVC 22352(b)(2) – Driving in excess of 25 mph in a school zone during restricted hours (when children are active).
  • CVC 21212(a) – Person under 18 operating or riding as a passenger on a bicycle without wearing an approved helmet.
  • CVC 21950(a) – Failure to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk.
  • CVC 21461(a) – Disobeying Official Traffic Control Signs.
  • CVC 22400(a) – Driving on a highway at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic unless the reduced speed is necessary for safe operation.


The Eastvale traffic team will be conducting holiday safety programs and DUI Checkpoints routinely to maintain a steady presence and to serve as a reminder around the City of Eastvale to drive safely and be aware of surroundings. The Eastvale Police Department will also continue to conduct enforcements around our schools to keep children safe and help ease traffic congestion.

The Hit-and-Run death of Troy Davids that happened in April 2014 resulted in the arrest of Riverside County resident, Casey Coltrain. Coltrain, who had already been in jail on a prior arrest, was initially charged with 2nd degree murder and hit-and-run.

As of press time, Coltrain is awaiting his preliminary hearing, which is expected to take place around the second week of December. Lt. Michael Yates was one of the lead investigators on this incident, and he has continued to follow the case.

“No family should ever have to go through what the Davids’ have been through, I’m just glad that with the community’s help, we were able to ensure that Coltrain won’t ever hurt anyone again,” said Yates.