Chino Hills Community Takes Action On Burglars

Staff Reports

Chino Hills – On Wed., Dec. 10, three men were arrested due to the awareness of community members and the quick response of deputies who were able to stop a burglary in progress.

Evan Blakely, 34, Michael Billingsley, 35, and Lloyd Girard, 33 – all from Los Angeles – conspired to burglarize a home in Chino Hills. They forced entry into the house and stole cash, jewelry and personal items from a home on Reservoir Drive.

According to the Chino Hills Police Department, a witness saw two men running from the house and a vehicle pick them up. The witness called 911 and gave a detailed description to deputies about the suspects, their vehicle and their direction of travel. Deputies arrived within minutes of the call and were able to take Blakely, Billingsley and Girard into custody without incident.

The suspects were detained and positively identified by witnesses. The stolen property was located in the suspects’ car as well as other evidence of the crime. Blakely, Billingsley and Girard were booked at the West Valley Detention Center. The victim’s property was recovered and returned to them.

This case exemplifies awareness in the community and quick response to suspicious behaviors. The details given by witnesses in this case made it possible for deputies to act quickly and effectively.

Denise Bar, a Chino Hills resident, recently posted her concerns with crime on Chino Hills Connections.

“OK, CHC, 41 crimes in six days. That is a lot. What can we, as homeowners, do to protect ourselves, our home, our family and what belongs to us?” said Bar.

It is unknown if the above witness read Bar’s post before jumping to action, but it was a decision that prevented loss and brought justice – safely.

Bar offers residents these helpful tips to keep your homes and property safe.

  • Get an alarm with a siren outside.
  • Get video surveillance.
  • LOCK doors and windows, including cars (and take everything out of your car!).
  • Leave lights and TV or music on when you leave the house.
  • Plaster alarm stickers on your property.
  • Always respond to someone knocking (if you don’t, they think you are not home).
  • Log off your computers and lock them. Don’t leave cash or expensive items out.
  • If you know you have a package coming from UPS [or other delivery], be there to get it or make arrangements with a neighbor.

Theft crimes seem to be on the rise during the holidays, with more people being desperate and more opportunities presented with holiday purchases on doorsteps and left in cars within view. Bar’s opinions offer some good solutions.

Be aware this season – and always – and have Happy Holidays!