Eastvale Chamber: Hello Eastvale

Linda Ceron

Linda Ceron

Hello Eastvale:

It’s always a little bittersweet when someone who has put time into a company decides to pass the torch and move on. There are usually big shoes to fill and lots to learn for the one accepting that torch.

So how does one grab the torch and run with it?

I am Linda Ceron, the newly named Director of Corporate Sponsorship for the Eastvale’s Chamber of Commerce.  I am up for the challenge and come with a wealth of knowledge, experience and three decades of Sales and Marketing background working for a Fortune 500 company. I look forward to continuing on in the past Director’s footsteps, providing the high level of programs and services that our business community has come to expect. I am excited to work with each and every Chamber member, Town official and potential new member business.

The Chamber’s mission, in short, has always been “to make Eastvale a better place to live, work and do business.” We know that what is good for business is good for the community. If businesses prosper, then people work and communities stay strong. I am proud to take the torch and run with it.

Here are some key things the Chamber will do for you as a member.

  • We will keep you informed. The “information explosion” has hit businesses hard. There is so much new information out there that it’s impossible to keep up; healthcare, taxes, new federal and state regulations; business trends. Of course not all of this information is vital to your business, but a great deal of it is. That’s where the Eastvale Chamber of Commerce comes in. We function as a clearing house for information that’s important to local business. Through newsletters, seminars, monthly mailings, weekly e-minders, and networking events, we get the word out to our members in an efficient, timely manner.
  • We give you a voice. A single voice crying in the wilderness might have been effective in Biblical times, but in today’s ever changing business landscape there’s more truth to the old adage about “strength in numbers.” As an Eastvale Chamber of Commerce member, your concerns are our concerns, and we’ll use every bit of political muscle we have to make sure our members concerns are addressed in the proper forum.
  • Many times, working “behind the scenes” lets the Chamber achieve some very impressive results that significantly benefit one or all of our 170 member businesses. We haven’t achieved “wizard” status yet, but we intend to keep trying!
  • The Chamber improves our community. If your business is a work of art, then your community is the frame that shows it off. The Eastvale Chamber of Commerce knows that good citizenship is good business, so we are the synergistic focal point for Eastvale business interaction with the community. We maintain liaison with Town government, service agencies, and other area non-profits to make sure that Eastvale business resources are effectively utilized to benefit every segment of the Town’s population.

If you’d like to learn more about the great work we are doing here at the Chamber and in your community – or just say “hello,” please feel free to give me a call.  I look forward to helping grow your business.


Linda Ceron

Director of Corporate Sponsorship

Eastvale Chamber of Commerce