Norco High – A Model Of Innovation

Staff Reports

Norco – Future Farmers of America selected Norco High as a finalist for the National Chapter Award Program Model of Innovation in the area of Student Development. Norco High joins an exclusive list of just ten schools nationwide to be nominated for this distinction.

Student development in Norco High’s Agricultural Program focuses on the creation of a Food Pantry, Supervised Agricultural Experience projects that build student skills in Animal Husbandry, Agriscience, Floral Design, and Horticulture; and finally, the $5 Challenge, a community service project.

Representatives of the program will travel to Louisville, KY in October to give a final presentation and interview. It will be televised on RFD-TV.

“We are honored and humbled to be among the select national 3 out of 3 star chapters in the National FFA Organization,” said Robin Grundmeyer, who teaches Floral Design at Norco High. “Of those nationally, we are proud to be considered a finalist for the model of innovation in the student category. Our students have worked hard in their service of the community and as advisors we are ecstatic to see the recognition of their hard work.”

Norco High continues to offer an excellent Agriculture Education Model that prepares students to become future leaders in the agriculture industry.

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