Californians Meet Water Goals

Courtesy of CA Water Board

SACRAMENTO– Californians have reduced water use by 25.5 percent since June, and are continuing to meet Governor Brown’s 25 percent mandate, despite a decline in the statewide water-savings rate during the last three months of 2015.

In December, the statewide conservation rate was 18.3 percent, down from 20.4 percent in November, compared to the same months in 2013.  A drop in the water conservation rate was expected during the cooler fall and winter months, when Californians use less water and there is less opportunity to save on outdoor water use compared with the hot summer months.   Statewide water use declined from 76 gallons per person per day in November, to 67 gallons in December, the second lowest per-person rate since water use reporting began in June 2014.

Nonetheless, Californians are urged to keep up their efforts to conserve through the winter months.  This includes complying with urban water supplier directives to switch to once-a-week watering schedules, and not using outdoor irrigation during and within 48 hours following a rain event.

“While the recent rains and growing snowpack are wonderful to behold, we won’t know until spring what effect it will have on the bottom line for California’s unprecedented drought,” said Felicia Marcus, chair of the State Water Resources Control Board.  “Until we can tally that ledger, we have to keep conserving water every way we can.  Every drop saved today is one that we may be very glad we have tomorrow.”

In November 2015, the Governor issued an Executive Order directing the State Water Board to extend and revise the drought emergency water conservation regulations based on conditions through January.