Suzanne Somers Coming To Clarks In Rancho Mirage!

Staff Reports


Rancho Mirage– This Monday, June 6, at noon, Suzanne Somers will be at Clark’s Nutrition in Rancho Mirage! The 69-year-old actress, author, and entrepreneur is coming to Clark’s to speak on toxic-free living; based on her latest book, “Tox-Sick (from toxic to not sick)”.

In conjunction with her appearance, Clark’s will be launching her toxic-free home cleaning supplies in their retail locations.

In 2014, Suzanne was at Clarks to launch her SUZANNE Organics, toxic-free, gluten free, cosmetics and skincare collection. Her cosmetics and skin care line has been a huge success. In fact, Clark’s created what looks like a MAC make-up counter, with free makeovers, in all their locations.

Clark’s Marketing Director, Mike Barnett says, “Suzanne is such a great advocate for health. She has helped women realize that the make-up they put on their face goes into their body with her cosmetic line. Now, she is helping all of us see how to get toxins out of our home with her book and home cleaning products.” Somers book, “Tox-Sick (from toxic to not sick)” will also be available in paperback for the first time at Clarks on Monday.

Suzanne says she chose Clark’s Nutrition to be the exclusive retailer for her cutting edge alternative to chemical based products, because, “Our messages are the same. The partnership with Clark’s is a perfect fit.”

Somers, a Clark’s customer for years in their Rancho Mirage location says, “I met with Ray Clark, the CEO, a true visionary, and I felt his devotion and passion for healthy living. It was a slam-dunk to work with Clarks.”

Barnett says, “This is not some paid endorsement, but a partnership between Suzanne and Clarks to carry a shared vision of helping people live healthier, or as we say at Clarks, ‘Live Better…We Can Help’.”

On Monday June 6, all SUZANNE Organic products will be 20% off.