Police Dog Attacks Man In Eastvale

Staff Reports  Dog Attack Picture

Eastvale – An Eastvale resident was attacked by a former Police dog earlier this month, which resulted in the man being sent to the hospital and the dog being stabbed.

On Sunday, July 3, a 20-year-old resident saw a male German shepherd wandering loose along Ruby Giant Court. According to an animal control officer’s report and based on statements from witnesses, the man felt sorry for the dog and brought it a bowl of water. A City of Eastvale news release reported that the dog drank the water and then placed both its front paws on the man’s chest.

The dog then attacked the man by taking a bite out of his left bicep area and dragging the victim into the street. The man screamed for help so relatives and friends came to try to make the dog release the victim. The relatives began punching and kicking the dog in hopes that it would let go. When the dog would not release the victim, some of the men grabbed steak knives from inside the home and stabbed the dog until it finally let go. The victim was transported to a Corona hospital with injuries to his arm, left leg and ankle.

According to the city news release, the homeowner of where the attack occurred, an uncle of the victim, told Riverside County Animal Services Officer Will Luna that he and the other rescuers had “no choice but to start stabbing the dog in order to get the dog to stop attacking.”

The German shepherd was lying on the lawn area in front of the Eastvale home when Police officials and Officer Luna arrived. The dog appeared to look lethargic, according to reports. However, when Officer Luna approached the injured dog, it immediately sat to attention despite its injuries.

Then, Officer Luna immediately used his control stick to put a loop around the dog’s head. The dog did not attack him or fight the control stick.

“I walked him to my truck and, with one command, the dog, despite its injuries, leaped into one of my truck compartments,” Officer Luna said in a report. The city news release states that this is when Luna knew he was dealing with a police dog. “That dog must have recognized me and uniform and as someone of authority,” Officer Luna said. “He didn’t show any aggression toward me at all.”

The dog was rushed to an emergency animal hospital, but its wounds were so severe that the clinic staff members had to euthanize it.

When a microchip was discovered on the dog, it was confirmed that the dog was a retired K9 officer for the Los Angeles County law enforcement agency.

For tips on how to avoid being bit by a dog, visit http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/dogs/tips/avoid_dog_bites.html.