Tips From Deputy Myers

School’s out, kids are out, protect yourself

Deputy Myers

Deputy Myers

By Deanna Myers


Is it July already?! Seems like we were just having end of the year parties and graduation celebrations. Well, the extra daylight and heat tends to bring more criminal activity. Make sure to keep your eyes open for suspicious activity. If you see a vehicle or person in your neighborhood that seems to be out of place or acting strangely, SAY SOMETHING!! The best way to protect yourself and your community is to be vigilant at contacting law enforcement.

Be sure when you call to have some very important information handy.

1) Your location. If we don’t know where you are we can’t get to you to help you.

2) What’s happening. We need to know what’s going on so we know what kind of help to send.

3) Description of individuals or vehicles that may be suspicious. The best way to get all the descriptive information you need to the dispatcher is to do it the same way every time; you have a better chance of remembering what to look for if it becomes routine. For example, describe a person from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet; male/female, race, hair color/eye color, clothing, shoes, direction of travel. When it comes to a vehicle, describe it from the rear to the front; make/model/color/license plate number, approximate year, type truck/SUV/sedan, direction of travel.

Also, the summer months are a great way to re-connect with your neighborhood watch groups with BBQs and block parties. Summertime is the best time to have your neighbors come together to protect each other as many travel away from home during this season. Let your close neighbors know when you are leaving and when you will be home so they can keep an extra eye out for your property. Let everyone know the proper contact numbers for law enforcement: emergency-911; non-emergency 951-776-1099.

Stay safe out there Eastvale! An important date to remember is August 9th for the next National Night Out!! It will be in your neighboring city of Norco this year at 1290 Hamner Ave. in front of the Target store. Hope to see all of you out there as the cities come together with Law Enforcement and first responders to provide information to all of you about safety!

Deanna Myers is the Volunteer and Programs Coordinator for the Jurupa Valley Station of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department that services the Eastvale Police Department.  She has been with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for about eight years, and most recently was assigned to patrol within the City of Eastvale before moving into her current position where she is in charge of the Neighborhood Watch program for the City of Eastvale.