Walnut Creates General Plan

City of Walnut
Walnut – For the first time in over 30 years, the City of Walnut has initiated a program to comprehensively plan its future. Every city in California is required to maintain a long-term comprehensive plan to guide physical growth and community preservation. This plan, called a General Plan, provides the framework for decisions regarding land use, traffic, parks and open space, use of community resources and preservation. Even a city like Walnut—where very little vacant land remains and the road system and park facilities are well established—benefits from planning for its future.
Through the process of updating the 1978 General Plan, the Community will have the opportunity to refine the vision and modern-day goals for Walnut that will help influence almost every action City decision-makers take moving forward. With over 95 percent of Walnut already developed with residential neighborhoods, shopping centers, protected hillsides, and parks and schools, City leaders envision that this General Plan update will work to preserve the City’s rural neighborhood character, continue to fund and provide quality municipal services, maintain a high quality of life, and manage environmental and natural resources. The General Plan update will set the direction for the next 25 years.
The new General Plan update will specifically address the following topics: 1) Land Use and Community Design, 2) Mobility, 3) Conservation, Open Space, and Recreation, 4) Community Facilities and Infrastructure, 5) Noise, and 6) Community Safety. This planning process will provide an opportunity for the community to set the City on a path that will maintain its quality of life, enhance economic opportunities, and continue Walnut’s reputation as a great place to live.
West Walnut Specific Plan
As part of the General Plan update, paralleled with the General Plan preparation, the City will prepare a Specific Plan for West Walnut. The West Walnut Specific Plan will guide future development in the area to benefit the City as a whole. Through the General Plan process, the City will work with the Community to define the future vision for West Walnut through focus on implementation and strategies for future improvements.
How Do I Participate?
To set the City on the right course, the General Plan update will require ongoing, active community participation. To reflect broad Community goals, the planning process will engage residents in creative ways, allowing residents to share ideas that reflect common community values and its hopes for the future. Community engagement efforts include community workshops, stakeholder interviews, intercept surveys, as well as City Council and Planning Commission study sessions.
General Plan Visioning Survey: We invite Walnut residents to take five minutes to fill out our Visioning Survey and tell us what you think makes Walnut great, or what may need improvement.
Please keep checking this web page for important upcoming Community engagement events and meetings and the opportunity to review the draft General Plan update and West Valley Boulevard Specific Plan documents.


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