Choosing A Road

Pastor Ed Moreno of New Day Christian Church, Eastvale

Pastor Ed Moreno of New Day Christian Church, Eastvale

By Pastor Ed Moreno

In Matthew 7:13-14, Jesus says that there are two gates and two roads.  There’s the wide gate and the broad road, and then there’s the small gate and the narrow road.

It is easier to get through a wide gate, and it’s easier to travel on a broad road. But being easy doesn’t make them the best choice.

Indeed, Jesus strongly advises against that gate and that road.

That leaves option #2, i.e., the small gate and the narrow road.  To ‘whom’ or to ‘what’ do these refer?

Well, in John 10:9 Jesus tells us that he is the gate.  He is the one through whom we get onto the narrow road.  The narrow road is the one where a person adheres to the teachings and commands of God the Father and Jesus his Son, as outlined in the Bible.

You are free to ‘choose’ which of these roads you’ll travel on.  But be aware that, as Jesus says in Matthew 7, the broad road leads to destruction.  The narrow road, on the other hand, leads to life.

Destruction and life refer to hell and heaven.  So, one wants to choose wisely.  Here’s a brief description of both based on a study of the various words Jesus uses to describe each of these eternal destinations.

With regards to hell: Hell is a place where God’s presence, glory, wisdom and purity are completely absent.  Hell is going to be a place where ongoing shame, deep sorrow and regret will be experienced by those who go there. They are going to realize, too late, that they’ve blown it – that they’ve missed their opportunity to accept Jesus, and that now they have to exist for all eternity in a negative place where there is absolutely no hope of things ever getting better.  No good will ever be experienced there.

With regards to heaven:  Heaven is a place that is unrivaled in beauty and in breathtaking sites to see.  Heaven is unparalleled in splendor, radiance, majestic colors, and magnificent sounds.  Heaven is an unimaginable visual and audible feast.  And it is the ultimate positive environment, to which nothing on earth can compare.  In heaven, there will be ongoing and genuine feelings of happiness, security, and sense of wellbeing.  In heaven there will be ongoing peace and stability.  In heaven there will be no sadness, sorrow, arguments, broken relationships, discouragement, sickness, suffering, pain, disease, death, evil, sin, betrayal, hurt or unfaithfulness – and the list goes on!

It’s your choice, but Jesus recommends that you choose the small gate and the narrow road.